Peru Mission Program

Christ the King is among several parishes in the U.S. which support a mission in Piura, Peru overseen by Fr. Joseph Uhen, a former parishioner of Christ the King. While proceeds from the poor box have long benefited a mission in Peru, this support was expanded in the late 1990's when Brittany Riesenberg as a student collected kitchen items to ship to the poor of Piura as a service project. Soon after, the Family-to-Family ministry was born, and Christ the King parishioners began sponsoring families (and later, grandparents) in Piura.


The Family-to-Family program provides financial support ($25/month) to specific families so that they can be provided with a monthly food allottment. Christ the King individuals or families may pack a box of items to be sent to their Peruvian family in shipments that are scheduled a couple of times each year. Extra money may be sent for things such as school tuition and supplies for the children, household items such as furniture or cookware, home repairs and even livestock items.


There are many elderly people living in Fr. Uhen's mission in Peru who are destitute because of health issues or being unable to work due to their advanced age. The Adopt-a-Grandparent pairs these Peruvian elders with individuals or families at Christ the King who provide $10/month to pay for a monthly allotment of food for their "grandparent." Boxes of household or religious items may also be sent as part of the regular shipments to Peru, and extra money may be included for special needs (e.g., healthcare supplies) or special occasions (e.g., to provide a Christmas or Easter meal).

Mission Trips

About once a year a group of people from Christ the King travel to Piura, Peru, to directly serve the people of Fr. Uhen's mission. Activities include distributing food allotments, building and repairing homes and providing special celebrations for the elderly. Fundraising activities help to defray some of the travel expenses and to provide money for building materials and other supplies.

Medical Mission

Medical mission groups go to Peru about once a year to provide medical care and attention to the poor of Piura, Peru. All types of medical personnel and supplies are needed, including nurses, general practitioners, pediatricians, gerontologists, gynecologists, dermatologists, dentists, opthalmologists, nutritionists and medical screeners.

Peru Mission Contact Information

If you would like to learn more about Christ the King's Peru Mission, please contact Sue Ryan at or 848-7657.

View the Parroquia Santisimo Sacramento website at

These photos are of families and grandparents who are sponsored by Christ the King parishioners through the Family-to-Family program. They receive items from their sponsors in regular shipments sent from Oklahoma to Piura, Peru. If you would like to sponsor a family ($25/month) or a grandparent ($10/month), please contact Jayne Clarke in the parish office at If you currently sponsor a family or grandparent and want to send a box to them in our next shipment, be sure to include the Peru Box Inventory Form above.